Miso-Butter Mushrooms With Silky Eggs Recipe (2024)



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Looks like a superb anytime meal, but I can't understand why you'd need to divide the egg cooking into two batches. Six eggs in a giant 12-inch skillet would not be crowded at all.


A superb variation for even better mushrooms: first dry sauté the mushrooms (medium-high) until they release some liquid and brown some, then add the 2T olive oil (or, better, butter) and continue sautéing as needed to complete step 1. In step 3, stir in soy sauce to personal taste prior to adding the miso butter. I use only a splash or two, for umami contribution without a dominating soy-flavor. Another reason for a light hand on the soy: both soy sauce and miso are salty.


The eggs are divided so they are thin on the pan and you can quick cook them in 20-30 seconds as described for a custardy texture.


This is a great "meaty" side dish to serve for dinner when vegetarians come to dinner.


This was very very good. The recipe halved perfectly. Would make this again any time. Would be an especially good one to make if hosting guests for breakfast or brunch. Any leftover mushrooms could easily be added to noodles with greens for a satisfying lunch.


I would half the amount of miso. Otherwise, it was great. Sauce would be great on any vegetable


Made miso-butter mushrooms per recipe with scrumptious result. I have been cooking for umpteen decades and only learned in 2022 what good flavor playmates miso and butter are together. Served this for dinner plated with toast and eggs as shown in recipe photo but using scrambled eggs that were not this recipe version. This mushroom recipe makes it to "keep and repeat" file.

Kim P

Try subbing in a few anchovies for the miso. Allergic to miso.


This was superb. We will definitely be revisiting this recipe again soon.


Loved this! Followed recipe except added red and green onion to pan with mushrooms b/c I wanted to use them up. Otherwise no changes, and it was so good! Made toast but didn’t even need/want it. The mushrooms and egg were super satisfying on their own.


Cut out even more miso next time. Too salty. Aside from that pretty simple/good breakfast.


A splash of water keeps the eggs even silkier. And there's no need to do this in two batches. But a silicone spatula is your friend here as is very low heat. I'd also suggest topping with finely sliced spring onions and if you want that true blue Aussie touch? Sliced avocado on the side with a squeeze of lime juice :-)


Completely yummy! I'm new to cooking with miso paste, and this recipe was a great introduction. Delicious. One suggested add on--serve with arugula or another soft leafy green.


This was quite good! And very easy. My mushrooms didn't need quite as long as prescribed (I added the miso-butter around 7 min in, along with spinach). I didn't have toast handy so I served over rice with a drizzle of chili crisp. Next time I'll probably add some chopped scallions and maybe a smidge of ginger.


These mushrooms are soooo delicious. I saved this recipe ages ago but just got around to making it, and now I feel bereft for the many times I could have eaten this already. Definitely going into the rotation.

Wish I could still eat dairy...

Sounds wonderful, but do you have any advice re: miso butter for the lactose intolerant? Would a neutral oil work instead of butter?

Ann Mia Haning

There are vegan butter substitutes. I've always used Earth Balance but apparently their formula has changed and it's not as good. Then there's Country Crock Plant-Based Butter and something called Miyoko's which people really like, but it's costly. It can be done!


Delicious!!! Miso wonderfully accents notes in mushrooms. I do think dry sautéing mushrooms before adding oil would be a good touch, as would adding shallots. I served with sourdough bread and olive tapenade. Fantastic.


The miso-butter mushrooms are fabulous and will be a new staple in my meal planning. (I used to spread miso-butter on toast so this was eye popping must try and did not disappoint


Delicious! Made as directed. I do believe one would not lose much by cooking all the eggs at once, it would eliminate one step. A really easy dinner.

Lisa McHenry Bendel

I needed a mushroom recipe that would work well with salmon. Made it sans the eggs, and added bok choy. Used some of the miso garlic butter to cook the salmon as well. Fresh baguette to sop up some of the juices. Delicious!!


A note on a very tasty variation: Serve the mushrooms (made with an addition of wine during cooking) over buttery polenta. A new favorite quick meal!

Sally G

Easy, quick, and delicious!

Kim P

Try subbing in a few anchovies for the miso. Allergic to miso.

Kim P

Have been cooking eggs this way for years, had no idea it was a thing!

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Miso-Butter Mushrooms With Silky Eggs Recipe (2024)


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